Ruby's Story-

I needed to put this down somewhere.
I had a few ultrasound leading up to Ruby's birth. She was measuring big (no surprise there) so they wanted to track her progress. At my last ultrasound she was measuring 9 lbs 6 oz (plus or minus a pound). Not long after my appointment my doctor (Dr. Shields) called me to tell me I was going to be induced and to come in on Monday night (March 24). I asked if she had seen the latest ultrasound, she told me no but she went ahead and scheduled it anyway. YEAH! I was going to be induced at 39 weeks. It was perfect, Jon finished his finals on Thursday and had a week off. I called my parents and they scheduled their flight for late Sunday night. At this point it became real. I did my best to spend as much time with Anna. I laid down and took naps with her everyday and stay with her until she fell asleep every night. i think she new something was going to change. She asked every night " mommy lay down a me.." I couldn't say no to that sweet request, I was actually very anxious about having a 2nd child. It had been just Anna and I for 2 1/2 years, life was going to change in a big way for her and it made me sad. It was nice to have those last few days with just Anna. On Saturday we took her into the city and spent as much time as we could with her. On Monday we met up with my parents and took Anna to dance class, went to the Please Touch Museum and Costco. Anna was going to sleep at the hotel so we pack up her stuff and jon and I went on our way to the hospital. We stopped at McDonalds because Jon was starving. I was so nervous that I was only able to eat an ice cream cone :). We got to the hospital and were check in to the room with a pull out couch! Jon was SO happy, when I was in the hospital for false labor/ dehydration (at 34 weeks) we were in a room with just a chair and Jon slept on the floor. We started getting all hooked up and ready to have a baby. I started slowly progressing throughout the night. I got morphine 1 time because the contractions were starting to become painful. I wasnt dilating as fast as my contractions were so they stopped the pictocin and gave me fluids. I was checked at 9:30 am when the doctors decided to break my water. I was at a 3. VERY soon after I was in intense pain and had had an exorcist moment with vomit. I rolled from side to side gripping the bed rails while moaning and trying to hold in my screams. I kept telling myself to hold out for the epidural, I finally asked for the anesthesiologist. He slowly wandered in and took his dear sweet time  placing the epidural and I moaned and tried not to move. As soon as they rolled me over to "even out the numbing" I yelled at the nurse "I NEED TO PUSH" She ran over to check me and I was complete. She got the doctors (Dr. High and Lavelanet) and let me push. On nurse pushed jon out of the way, climbed up on the table and started pushing as hard as she could to get her out. It didn't take long and between each push I seemed to almost fall asleep. Ruby was born at 10:44 am on March 25. 3 to a baby in 74 mins, a crazy, painful 74 mins. 9 lbs, 20 3/4 inches and so perfect. The took her to measure and make sure she was ok. I had to stop pushing while they unwrapped the cord and did a should distortion to get her out. The started stitching me up and I winced in pain, the doc looked at me and said, oops she can feel that. The epidural kicked in as soon as everything was over. boo, it was annoying to be numb when I didn't want to be. I finally got to hold her! They took her to the nursery to do test and whatever else they do. Unfortunately my mom was unable to be there for the birth. We called her and she made it to the hospital but the stupid nurse wouldnt let her in because Jon and I werent answering the phone. I was SO mad! Maybe for my 3rd she will get to be in there! My parents and Anna finally got to meet little Ruby June and it was so cute! She was named after my mom's mom. I new from early on she was going to be Ruby June, I just had to convince Jon. It was also perfect because one of her nicknames is Ruby Tuesday (a restaurant) which is the day she was born, she is also called Rubix, cube, Rubles and cue ball. 

This little peanut...
Climbs up and down stairs
Blows kisses
Gives hugs and open mouth kisses
Says purple, pa pa, mamama, dadad, hi, and many other things that spoons like words.
Sings when the piano starts playing in church
Dances- all the time!
claps for herself and says yeah!
points at everything
doesn't sit still in her highchair- she wiggles from side to side an laughs
has a new courtesy laugh
and as of December 17 she decided to try this whole walking thing out. The most she has taken is about 6 steps. She stand all by herself and shakes her bum and does squats frequently.

love, love, love our photos.

The photographer asked us to show our best side... oh Jon.

November Happenings 
H-Annas in pajamas eating bananas on Thanksgiving morning.

 The dangerous things going on in the kitchen
 mint oreo for breakfast courtesy of grandpa
 time for the santa diapers grandma purchased last year!
 helping mom decorate

 helping grandma cook cookies for the cookie tree
 sleeps like her dad, that foot almost got injured
 After Anna and I's cold went away she spike an elevated temp and after a visit to the doc we found out she had her first ear infection. She was CRAZY one night and we ended up having a sleep over in the living room.
 LOVE the constant cuddling, HATE it when my baby is sick and not herself
she was so tired after pulling herself up she needed to rest. poor girl.

After being sick for 2 weeks Anna and I are ready to be healthy again! She is on meds for the ears and I am praying I just get better....
Hopefully December has NO sickness in store for us!

Anna's stats from birth to now
5.2 lbs ......17.97 lbs - 7%
18.5 in.......29.72 in - 71%
13.0 in.........18 in ofc - 70%
countless shots & IVs.......4 shots
1 feeding tube....... eating EVERYTHING like a big girl!
1 tube down the throat......... no breathing problems since
monthly shots for RSV........ 2 Flu shots
0 ear infections
1 fever
2 colds

Can't believe we hit this mark already...

12 months
(stats & pictures to come on Monday)
At 12 months this little nugget...
-has to say good morning to her panda every morning before she gets out of her crib
-loves to jump
-eat everything by herself (she doesn't like you to rip it in pieces, she like big people food)
- helps me during a diaper change (by opening her legs and staying still .0001% of the time)
- thinks it is funny to stick her hand down there while I am changing her. When I say "get your hand out of there" she giggles and does it again.
- says things that sound like: mom, dad, ball, baby, go, yeah, Anna and my personal favorite..... Aubrey
- fake coughs
-Plays nicely by herself
- sits still when I count while changing her diaper
- says dadadadada when she cries
- crawls everywhere
- has a cool new highchair (funny story about this one. It is a type of chair that hooks to a chair, I put her in there the first time and watched her eat. I put her up to the table and took off the tray so she felt like a big girl. Well just like every other time she put her feet up and started relaxing. Then she thought it would be funny to rock her chair and almost tip over. She now is in the corner with her tray.)
- throws her binki outside her crib and talks until you come get it
- snuggles with her binki and blanket when she is tired
- still talks all day long
- was buckled in to a restaurant high chair she somehow got out and started to crawl across the table in the 5 seconds I turned to respond to my dad. (little Houdini)
- walks around all proud with her walking toy
-still loves remotes
- pretends to read books
- went sledding all by herself!
- went to the zoo and all she cared about was the water ball
- loves to find and eat cords or anything else on the ground
- loves to take everything out of my purse and crawl away
- holds her own sippy (drinks water like a camel)
- loves to pull all of her clothes off her shelves

- has 6 teeth (2 on bottom, 4 on top)
- is now considered a toddler
- loves hot dogs, chicken, string cheese, bananas, tortillas, granola bars, nilla wafers, etc.
- got a snack thing for her birthday and knows it is in my purse. she always finds it and eats it until I get to her
- had her first swim in the toilet. Only one arm got in before I caught her, but she tried to jump in when I came after her.
-is obsessed with my hair
- doesn't mind being out in the cold
- does an O shaped mouth and says oooo, oooo, ooo all the time.
- waves hi to people I talk to on the phone
- is still a wonderful sleeper!
- whispers to you sometimes and yells other times
- will crouch down and scoot along the floor to get under something or to get something under the couch

-sing when everybody else does at church
-never sits the right way in a cart.

 - laughs and starts to wiggle when I dance
-is a good sport with the cold snowy weather
-is a good sport with most things: busy days, snow, no naps, shopping...

 -is the cutest baby i know, and completely hams it up for the camera

 - didn't destroy her cake like I thought she would 
 -tried to help little Kingston out by attacking him
 - doesn't need toys for her birthday, boxes will do

 The H-annas

 Elephant towel from aunt Holly

cutest picture ever!
 Matching beanies with baby J

 all bundled up for our walk to church
 Fun at JoAnn's

I am in shock. This year has gone by so fast. I feel like Anna has always been mine, but it was only a short year ago when life changed 6 weeks early. When I sat in a room all alone waiting for somebody to tell me how my little girl looked, if she was healthy, how much she weight and all the details. Is was a year ago when this nugget decided it was getting a little too cramped and it was time to come out and play. I love her SO much. I cannot believe I was lucky enough to be blessed with the little firecracker. She is FULL of personality and spunk. I am glad every year on her birthday I can celebrate her and World Prematurity Day. I am also glad she was born just before Thanksgiving. I am POSITIVE I will be grateful for her sweet, loving spirit every single year. I miss her sometimes when she is sleeping. I go in her room and just look at her. I also run over and just squeeze her because she is so cute. I don't care when she makes messes. I will clean up after her a gazillion times as long as she is mine. Looking back at pictures I am so grateful for all of the progress we have made and for her health. We worked extremely hard to keep her away from RSV last year and we did it! It will be a battle this year again but I am sure we are strong and she is stronger. I love watching her learn and grow. This is how Anna looked when I first met her, THANKFULLY she is healthy and growing like a crazy weed.

Happy 1st Birthday Anna!
I love you so much! I look forward to seeing your sweet face everyday! Thank you for volunteering to come into our family. You are the best! I look forward to MANY more birthdays with you!

Halloween 2012
Jon flew back east to some PA interviews so Anna and I partied...

Halloween 2012 was a success. We hit up the hospital to visit some of my favorite people (Anna's costume was so popular she had strangers giving her candy in the hall), ran some errands with grandma, carved pumpkins and hit up 6 whole houses trick-or-treating. I look forward to next year when she is a little bigger!